Win a Renesas Synergy™ TB-S5D5 Target Board Kit


This giveaway is run by Renesas directly.

I personally don’t have this board. I’m just passing the information on to the community.

Register to win a TB-S5D5 Target Board Kit and get complete access to the entire Synergy Platform—software, development tools, projects, documentation.

The TB-S5D5 Kit Includes:

  • Circuit board
  • S5D5 Group MCU with 1MB Flash Memory and 384 KB SRAM
  • Pin-headers providing access to all MCU signals
  • On-board Segger® J-Link debugger with USB
  • USB-FS device connection
  • Expansion connections including Pmod™ form-factor
  • Capacitive touch and push buttons
  • Easy MCU current measurement
  • USB cable
  • Quick start guide