Webinar: Product Agility and Flexible Monetisation for Industrial IoT Solutions



December 5th
free registration: http://bit.ly/2hNMBKW

Manufacturers who know how to bring innovative products to market and monetise them effectively will be the winners of the 4th industrial revolution.

In this webinar, Flexera will discuss which factors lead to successful IoT monetisation:

– Define your business model
The first step is to define your new IoT business model. Its successful execution depends on whether all the prerequisites have been fulfilled. Security and an effective licensing model play a critical role.

– One size does not fit all
Users demand flexibility in terms of product functionality and price. Define the premium functions, change functionality and capacity at the touch of a button and implement a monetisation model to support this flexibility.

– Get value from customer and product insight
A successful software business model is based on insights into how customers use products. Bring together product-, software usage and customer insight to help customers succeed and strategically drive future product development.