Video Tutorial: Renesas S3A7 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit For Beginners


Renesas IoT Fast Prototyping Kit Hardware Cable Setup

  • hardware component overview (0:00)
  • connect Segger debugger cable to debugger board and S3A7 (0:19)
  • connect Renesas AMS Environmental sensor to S3A7 with Grove connector (0:43)
  • connect BMC 150 accelerometer (0:58)
  • power board with USB cable (01:08)
  • plug debugger cable into your computer (01:30)

Renesas Synergy Board Flashing Tutorial (S3A7) with Segger J-Flash Lite

Tutorial to upgrade or replace Smart Chef Demo (or Smart Garage Demo) for the S3A7.

  • Verify Segger debugger cable is connected to S3A7 and to the debugger board (0:05)
  • connect S3A7 to micro USB power source (0:09)
  • download and install J-Link Lite from the Segger web site (0:15)
  • Using J-Link Lite, select device type, Renesas is manufacturer (0:34)
  • device is R7FS3A77C (0:51)
  • Interface is JTAG (1:00)
  • Speed is 6000 (1:08)
  • Download updated Smart Chef Binary from Medium One GitHub repository (01:17)
  • save .srec binary file to computer (01:40)
  • Flash new binary to S3A7 using USB cable connecting debugger board and S3A7 (01:49)
  • Reboot board (2:11)

Connect Renesas S3A7 to IoT Sandbox with WiFi and MQTT

  • Connect board to power (0:04)
  • Put board into provisioning mode (0:19)
  • Go to Smart Garage Demo Tutorial (0:29)
  • Locate link to activate Renesas IoT Sandbox with pre-configured workflows (0:40)
  • Go to Renesas IoT Sandbox activation page (01:03)
  • Fill in information to IoT Sandbox project (1:06)
  • Open email with IoT Sandbox activation information, with MQTT IDs, API Key and API Password (1:25)
  • Connect your computer or mobile phone to the S3A7 board with WiFi (1:31)
  • Connect a web browser to the board at (2:09)
  • Once connected, fill in information for configuration of your office WiFi hotspot, API key, API password MQTT, and Internet access (2:20)
  • press connect to store provisioning information to the S3A7 board (3:09)
  • reboot the S3A7 board (3:10)
  • Allow board to go into program mode, connect to Internet (3:34)
  • Transmit sensor data to Renesas IoT Sandbox with MQTT (3:42)
  • Log into IoT Sandbox with web browser to view sensor data dashboard (3:46)
  • Access sensor data on the dashboard (3:58)
  • Send touchscreen events to Sandbox (4:16)

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