Upgrading e2 studio and Using Older Projects



After several people reported problems with demos and existing projects after upgrading to e2 Studio 5.3, I decided to upgrade from e2 Studio 5.2.0 to the 5.3.1 and run several tests to try and replicate the errors.

I encountered no problems with either Renesas demo code or with my own code from my git repository that was built with e2 Studio 5.2.0. I suspect that the problems people encountered were due to the incorrect SSP versions and can easily be solved.

Identifying the SSP version

In the Project Explorer, select configuration.xml

Select the BSP tab.

Make sure you have the correct SSP version selected.

If you select the wrong SSP version, you will see a yellow triangle with an exclamation point in it.

You will most likely get a build error.

Here’s what I did for my smooth upgrade. Hope it works for you too!

Update Notification

After update

Testing GUIX Hello World

Downloaded from Renesas site.
configuration.xml BSP


Debug and Run Goes Smoothly

Switch workspace

Use code from older git repo

Build Goes Smoothly

Debug and Transfer

[SOLVED] SK-S7G2 GUIX "Hello World" Application Project