Unofficial IoT Community for Renesas and MediumOne


Post your projects using the Renesas S3A7 IoT kit. This is an unofficial community for enthusiasts.

The official Renesas forum is RenesasRulz. This Learn IoT Community site is targeted at people new to Renesas, IoT, and MediumOne. We’ll focus more on the Python scripts for MediumOne and the connection between the S3A7 and the cloud-based tools.

We’d love to see projects that are fun and have no business application yet. If you want to tinker around with the S3A7 or S7-G2, this is the place to have fun and explore.

If you’re interested in contributing a project and don’t have a kit, please contact us. Direct message @jcasman

Medium One Cloud services and IoT workflows are now incorporated into the Renesas S3A7 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit.