Source Code For SK-S7G2 IoT Enabler Kit Projects


Here’s some great source code examples for the SK-S7G2 IoT Enabler Kit. The example code was for the ThingSpace Dashboard which is not the focus of this community. However, the source code for the AMS Environmental Sensor may be useful as a starting point.

These are the components of the SK-S7G2 IoT Enabler Kit. We have a stock of the AMS Environmental Sensor circled in yellow. We do not have the entire kit. If you’re willing to write up your experiences trying to get the AMS Sensor on an SK-S7G2 board and connected to Medium One, contact @jcasman and ask about the possibility of a free sensor. In addition to the source code above, @lycannon is working on getting the AMS Sensor working with the SK-S7G2 as a standalone project.

How to Get Synergy Software and IDE
Prizes - AMS Environmental Sensor