[SOLVED] SK-S7G2 GUIX "Hello World" Application Project


@iotcommu2017 thank you for these contributions. I think we’re all trying to figure out a good path to learn the Synergy boards and platforms. The initial parts are honestly a bit rough for everyone due to some surprises with the different versions of SSP and the documentation not matching up exactly with all the changes to the software.

It’s great that you confirmed that the Renesas contact link worked for technical support. Now, we have a path for other people to get support when they are stuck. Also, appreciate your recommendation to use the Creating a basic GUI application with Synergy and GUIX tutorial. I hadn’t seen that one before.

It’s wonderful to get these updates from you on the newest documents and changes.

BTW, I also used some graphics from my daughter. I think it’s a good way to give kids a little exposure to the technology.


Updated files shared in this thread