[SOLVED] S7G2 GUIX Touch Drivers error with SSP1.2.0



I could build GUIX Hello project with SSP1.1.3 version, but SSP1.2.0 (recently released by Renesas) giving error like below,

‘Finished building: …/src/synergy_gen/message_data.c’
…/src/synergy_gen/my_gui_thread.c:73:12: error: ‘SYNERGY_NOT_DEFINED’ undeclared here (not in a function)

This code is auto generated according to Synergy configuration and as per properties of these Frameworks.

IS anyone else compiled GUI project with Touch Driver on S7G2 board with SSP1.2.0 ?



Above issue resolved with adding Touch driver. With SSP 1.2.0 version GUIX hello project completed


Great to hear about this success. Look forward to more updates as you extend your projects. Robinson Paniagua wrote several great tutorials as a good next step. After you start customizing the GUI, you might want to play around with the GPIO pins with external LEDs.

Check out what Rob did with the LCD panel.

he even enabled password protection.


I am trying to find free GPIO pin on the SK-S7G2 board. Above project with external LED is using Arduino socket. I am wondering almost 160 pins surrounded by micro controller is any of these ports can be used ?

Trying to find proper datasheet for this board OR at least which GPIO is free to use like connecting external sensors or LEDs? if you have one please share it

[SOLVED] SK-S7G2 GUIX "Hello World" Application Project

r12um0004eu0100_synergy_sk_s7g2.pdf (2.8 MB)

Section 8 has the pin connections


Here is SSP1.2.0 GUIX document to learn how to GUIX with Touch button. Few changes no the document, so source code be as reference. Entire e2stuio project zip file included. Any one can import into their e2studio to load project into board.

guix_basic_Helloworld_v120.zip (1.3 MB)
reference-src_pdf stpes.zip (6.5 KB)
synergy_basic_gui_lab_SK_v120.pdf (2.2 MB)

If any issue or comments please share here.

SK-S7G2 Tutorials

Fantastic contribution! Thanks so much. This is sure to help out other people.


Here is link for SSP1.2.0 user manual. its all HTML files.