Smart Printer - Smart Machine Demo


My son went through the S3A7 Smart Machine demo today. The demo is very simple and less involved than the Smart Chef Demo..

Flashing the S3A7 board with the Smart Machine with Vibration image went smoothly. Provisioning the board went fine, though he ran into problems with the password.


Although he managed to modify the email reports. He’s currently stuck trying to figure out how to send out a report on-demand for debugging purposes. If anyone knows which workflow he should edit, please let me know.

In the Daily Report workflow, it looks like you can just run the workflow and a report is produced:

if (daily_subscribe):
    # build the email
    e = Email.Email("", email, email, subject="Daily Report for " + str(project_name))

Further up at line 52, it looks like the boolean variable daily_subscribe is set to True manually.

# Get report settings (email to send to and if the email should be sent)
report_settings = state.get('report_settings', {})
email = report_settings.get('email_address', None)
daily_subscribe = report_settings.get('daily_subscribe', True)

In the workflow, it looks like the trigger processed:daily_cycle_count is triggering the Build Report to run. How can I force this to run manually?