Smart Chef Demo with Cloud Driven GPIO


I’m getting ready to go through the Smart Chef Demo with Cloud Driven GPIO located here:

Here’s the list of requirements to complete the project:

S3A7 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit
USB Cable (to power the board)
Renesas e2 studio software Version:
SmartChefDemo zip file (contact Renesas for link)
M1 Synergy Cloud Driver Library zip file – download
To build a simple LED toggling circuit, you will need a breadboard, switch, LED light, resistor and a few wires

Jesse or Craig, could you point me in the direction of the file? I’m assuming that it is different from the file used in the Smart Chef Quick Start Guide. If it is the same file, I can just go get that one, but I thought I’d check with you.




The page is here for the zip file: You’ll want to get the .srec file. Note the zip and tar.gz files are empty.

However, I believe you need the source code, not the binary. Renesas has said this would be out, but it’s not currently. You’ll need to sign an NDA, and you can get a hold of it directly. Should I ping Renesas and get this started? (Say yes!) I think it won’t take very long.



Absolutely! I already signed up for an account so I could download e2 studio. I’m pretty sure I’ll need the source code in order to add a pH sensor. This tutorial seemed like a good place to start. Once I see what’s involved with adding a new sensor, we can choose one.



Ok, I’ve emailed Renesas, there’s a legal process to go through, we need to have you sign an NDA and then they release the code to you. I’m guessing it’s late Friday now so this won’t start moving forward until Monday. But we’ve done it before, so the process is pretty clear. Back in touch as soon as I hear back.


I heard from Renesas that the source code of the Smart Chef Demo will be available at end of February. Hang tight.


The source code for the S3A7 Smart Chef Demo is available here: