Smart Chef Demo With Cloud Driven GPIO – Completed with Modifications



Hi Craig,

When I visit the eye doctor, she tells me my vision is 20-20. However, when I look at a resistor, all I see is a rainbow smudge. I like the ohmmeter method!

Medium One has confirmed that cloud driven GPIO is not suitable for applications that require tight timing like PWM or implementing I2C. There is too much latency and uncertainty in the internet. Something pulsing multiple times per second would probably eat through our free cloud credit allocation very quickly. PWM would require a low level driver that handles the actual pulsing. It could be controlled or set by a cloud driven command.

I’m trying to brainstorm applications where we could use this capability. I like your alarm idea.


Sadly, no idea. I went through the source and can’t find where it’s defined. I went through r_riic.c and looked for I suspect the code cycles through open channels until it finds all the ones that are taken. If this is the case, the channel could be defined with the e2 studio GUI, like in the screenshot above. I’m still looking for an answer.


Thanks for checking on the PWM. There’s probably another way to generate the signal from the board as well, maybe using the Medium One cloud as trigger.

The resistors have gotten smaller over the years and my vision has gotten worse. I actually took the resistor out to my balcony to see the colors in sunlight. Black looked like blue and purple. Orange looked like red. I actually found a ohmmeter with large numbers on it. I think I got it free from Fry’s with one of those immediate discount codes.

Squint at color bands or read large LCD digits?