SKS7G2 SSP1.2.0 AMS Connected with M1cloud



Hello Jesse and Craig

I have completed project on Renesas SKS7G2 board with following functions. Even though many sample projects provided by Renesas, most of them SSP1.3.1.

a. Everything built on SSP 1.2.0 version.
b. GT202 WiFi (PMODA) and AMS Sensor on PMODB.
c. M1 cloud connection and publish AMS sensor values.
d. From AMS board Temperature, Relative Humidity, Co2 Level, Proximity, Light sensor RGBC.
f. New GUIX panels for Splash, Provisioning, AMS sensor display.
g. This project depends on only M1 Cloud library. Current public version for M1 cloud is SSP1.3.1.

I am trying to create Template projects for GUIX, GUIX+WiFI, GUIX+WIFi+LAN and with AMS sensor. Many of newcomers or for any new project Quickstart basic requirement is GUIX and Internet access + M1 Cloud.

Binary for this project uploaded to my GitHub page. Soon going to upload full project(including source).

Few screenshots here


Can you release the source code?