SK-S7G2 With AMS Sensor and Connected Weather Demo - Summary


This tutorial is from the Medium One site and republished with their permission. Medium One is a great company that is really helping to build up a community of people learning about IOT. Thanks Medium One.

This assumes you have the SK-S7G2.

You will also need a Renesas AMS Sensor board.

If you do not have a Renesas AMS Sensor board and are willing to share your experiences in this community, contact @jcasman about the possibility of getting a free sensor.

Our sponsor, Renesas, has donated 15 sensors to the community to help people with the SK-S7G2 participate in the community. Thanks Renesas!

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This tutorial will show you how to add an AMS Sensor to the Synergy Starter Kit SK-S7G2 and send and visualize the new sensor data in the Renesas IoT Sandbox, by modifying the Connected Weather Panel demo and using the M1 Synergy Cloud Driver.

This is an advanced tutorial that builds on the Quick Start Guide for the Synergy Starter Kit: SK-S7G2 with Connected Weather Demo. In this tutorial, you will change your project to connect four new sensors – Air Quality, Color, Temperature/Humidity, and Proximity, detected via the AMS Module. The M1 Synergy Cloud Driver library will be included into the project, allowing you to read and write to the sensors through python code in the Renesas IoT Sandbox. We will also visualize the collected sensor data in the Renesas IoT Sandbox Dashboard.

For the purpose of this tutorial , we will use “ConnectedWeatherPanel-SKS7-20161103” preloaded project.

Using e2 studio, we will update this project to incorporate new sensor and data you wish to process. We will generate new build and flash the board.

In Renesas IoT Sandbox, we will create/update necessary workflow and visualize new data in Dashboard.



Estimated Time to Complete: 2.5 – 3 hrs



In this tutorial, you will use the pre-built Connected Weather Panel project which includes Synergy configuration configuration.xml.

Open e2 studio, then go to File -> Import -> General -> Existing Projects into Workspace, then click Next:

Select your root directory, usually it is your workspace:

Switch to Synergy Configuration perspective:

Alternatively, go to ‘Open Perspective’ and select ‘Synergy Configuration’ from there:


NOTE: As of 12/09/2016, it is SSP version 1.1.3


Select HMI Thread:

Remove existing g_spi_lcdc stack:

Add r_rspi stack:

These are two of the thirty sections in this tutorial.

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Under the What’s Needed and Prerequisites sections there are items listed that there is no information on where to find those items. Also opening an already included file, that does not come with e2 does not help, so if someone could point me to where I may find the configuration project it would be very much appreciated.


Synergy Starter Kit SK-S7G2
USB Cable (to power the board)
AMS Module
Ethernet access with DHCP
Renesas e2 studio software Version:
SSP_Distribution_1.1.3 application
ConnectedWeatherPanel-SKS7-20161103 zip file
m1 Synergy Cloud Drive Library zip file – download


Understanding of Renesas e2 studio
Understanding of Synergy Starter Kit: SK-S7G2 with Connected Weather Demo – Quick start guide
Activation of your SK-S7G2 Template Project in Renesas IoT Sandbox
Where do I find the:

  • ConnectedWeatherPanel-SKS7-20161103 zip file
  • Understanding of Synergy Starter Kit: SK-S7G2 with Connected Weather Demo – Quick start guide
  • Activation of your SK-S7G2 Template Project in Renesas IoT Sandbox

I’ve gone through the Renesas book (all 100+ pages) looked on their site (briefly) but still looking for this information. Any help would be very appreciated.



Sorry for the problems. I’ll update this tomorrow.

You need to log into Synergy Gallery. It is free.

You should see the screen below:

Extracting the zipped file will show this:

The Synergy Starter Kit: SK-S7G2 With Connected Weather Demo - Quick Start Guide

Kit Activation

Please let me know if you have problems finding any other resource. I need to organize the documentation better. Some of the files were still stuck in legal processes when we first started the documentation and we didn’t update the links.

Thank you for going through the demo.


In case you also have problems finding e2 studio or SSP versions

e2 Studio

Synergy Software Packages (SSP)

Thanks again for taking the time to look at this. We need help organizing things and the versioning is a problem. The good news is that the hardware and toolchain are very good, just very big and sprawling.


Thanks again for your help. I updated the links in the original article.


Thank you very much, I hope to go through the whole project before I attempt to complete a project for the ongoing challenge.



Hello @craig,

There is no information on where to unzip the two zipped files to. I assume I should put them in root/users/user_name/e2_studio/workspace but that is just my assumption.

Even with that resolved you are somehow able to import “…/workspace/configuration” I am unable to see any such option. There is a configuration.xml file in the ConnectedWeatherPanel project but not alone in the workspace folder.

When I imported the ConnectedWeatherPanel and compiled the code I received 3 errors. If I tried to open the configuration.xml file I was prompted to update the SSP, but this caused other errors to occur.

“Description Resource Path Location Type
[DEPRECATED] g_nx0 NetX on nx: This module has been deprecated. Please consider moving to using the NetX Applications found under X-Ware/NetX/Protocols/. configuration.xml /ConnectedWeatherPanel Unknown Configuration Error”

Ignoring this I have removed g_spi_lcdc and added r_rspi instead. But I am unable to edit any properties. When I try do so I get a message in the properties window “Properties are not available”.

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong from the start but it appears as though this tutorial is not working for this version of the software as it did with previous versions. If you have any advice or if you would like to discuss this directly (phone or skype) I would be happy to do so.



Kas, thank you for this detailed feedback. Appreciate all your time and effort.

We have some fundamental problems with the flow of the documentation for new users and we need to improve it, probably by breaking the learning path into smaller modules.

I’m going to go through this tutorial again and take more notes on the problem areas

Thank you…


We’re developing a new learning flow to get people to the point where they can go through the SK-S7G2 With AMS Sensor and Connected Weather Demo.

SK-S7G2 Learning Flow - Path to Completed IoT Project

Step 1: Learn e2 Studio Basics

Get a quick overview of e2 Studio and Synergy by going through these tutorials in this order.

  1. Blinky as part of the SK-S7G2 Quick Start Guide. Blinky is the one to start with
  2. As preparation for all demo tutorials, learn how to import packages into e2 Studio. Make sure you watch that video 5 minute or your may try and extract the zip file (which won’t work for import).
  3. SK-S7G2 GUIX “Hello World”. Do not skip Blinky. This one is much more involved. Think Blink before GUI.

At this point, you’re on your way.

Step 2: Practice Building Demo Project from Source

After the three steps above, build a demo project that connects to the IoT Sandbox. Do not edit the project at this time or connect the project to the sandbox. Just practice the build.

  1. For SK-S7G2: Build Connected Weather Demo from source. It’s here. Not recommended to add the AMS sensor yet. Just build it. The IoT Sandbox components require background knowledge. Just practice the build for now.

Step 3: Learn Renesas IoT Sandbox Basics

For SK-S7G2

Step 4: Customize Demo Project Source

For SK-S7G2

Step 5: Build Your Own Project