SK-S7G2 Tutorials



Step 1: Learn Renesas IoT Sandbox Basics

Step 2: Learn e2 Studio Basics

Get a quick overview of e2 Studio and Synergy by going through these tutorials in this order.

  1. Blinky as part of the SK-S7G2 Quick Start Guide. Blinky is the one to start with

  2. As preparation for all demo tutorials, learn how to import packages into e2 Studio. Make sure you watch that video 5 minute or your may try and extract the zip file (which won’t work for import).

  3. SK-S7G2 GUIX “Hello World”. Do not skip Blinky. This one is much more involved. Think Blink before GUI.

At this point, you’re on your way.

Step 3: Practice Building Demo Project from Source

After the three steps above, build a demo project that connects to the IoT Sandbox. Do not edit the project at this time or connect the project to the sandbox. Just practice the build.

  1. For SK-S7G2: Build Connected Weather Demo from source. It’s here. Not recommended to add the AMS sensor yet. Just build it. The IoT Sandbox components require background knowledge. Just practice the build for now.

Step 4: Customize Demo Project Source

For SK-S7G2

You can contact @jcasman for a free AMS Sensor if you’re willing to write up your project.

Step 5: Build Your Own Project

More Tutorials

Synergy and e2 Studio

IoT Sandbox

SK-S7G2 Help Ardunio

Awesome. Many thanks.


James, thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it. There’s actually more tutorials spread out over four or five sites. To get a full IoT system going, people need info on the Sandbox, Medium One, Synergy, e2 Studio. Each piece is fairly big by itself.

Human-curation of a tutorial list can help:

  1. make tutorials easier to find
  2. help people find a good learning path so they can complete IoT projects

If this list becomes popular, I’ll spend more time updating it with additional tutorials.