SK-S7G2 analog pin shield


Hello i have a Sk-S7G2 board, i wanna know how to increase analog input, any suggestion ? Thank you very much to all :slight_smile:


Hi Boris,

Sk-S7G2 has 6 analog input pins (A0â€ĶA6) from the Arduino header.

If you need more than 6, you may be able to find other unused analog pins under the pin tab. Currently some of these pins are assigned to other functions. So, you may need to give up those functions in order to re-configure the pins as ADC input pins. This board has all the chip pins available. So, if you can configure the pin for ADC input, you will have physical access to the pin.

(press pin tab --> select Analog ADC --> ADC0/1)

Hope this help!



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There is a way to have moore analogpin with a shield ?

Thank you very much


Yes. You can do that too.

I have another simple way. I can add I2C ADC module instead of shield. Here is a 4 channel I2C ADC module example for the S5D9 IOT board that I made. I can also connect the same ADC module to the PMOD connector on the S2G7_SK board. The PMOD can be configured as a I2C port.

Here is my example shown in this post.

Hope this reply help you.