SK-S3A7 Tutorials



Step 1: Learn Renesas IoT Sandbox Basics

Step 2: Learn e2 Studio Basics

Get a quick overview of e2 Studio and Synergy by going through these tutorials in this order.

1. Blinky for the S3A7 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit by Dan Kane
2. Blinky part 2 for the 4th LED (released soon)
3. As preparation for all demo tutorials, learn how to import packages into e2 Studio. Make sure you watch that video 5 minute or your may try and extract the zip file (which won’t work for import).

At this point, you’re on your way.

Step 3: Practice Building Demo Project from Source

After the three steps above, build a demo project that connects to the IoT Sandbox. Do not edit the project at this time or connect the project to the sandbox. Just practice the build.

  • For S3A7 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit: Build Smart Chef Demo from source. It’s here. Do not add cloud-driven GPIO at this time. Just practice building from source. Instruction on the build process is here.

Step 4: Customize Demo Project Source

Step 5: Build Your Own Project

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IoT Sandbox

Synergy and e2 Studio

Technical Support From Renesas

Community member @iotcommunity2017 also verified that technical support is available from Renesas. We’ve also verified with a Renesas Synergy manager that the link below is the correct form to use to initiate technical support discussions. It looks a bit non-standard, but support is available at the link below.

My First Tutorial - UPDATED