SEGGER J-Link Lite for Renesas Synergy



If you have a S5D9 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit you can configure the board for use with both Data Intelligence and Data Monitoring with just Ethernet and an USB cable.

In order to effectively program the board with Synergy, you need a SEGGER debugger. Renesas has just produced a SEGGER J-Link Lite for Renesas Synergy debugger. It should be hitting the sales channels soon and it will be priced around $30.

We have a few pieces of this debugger and another debugger that is equivalent. If you want to write a tutorial on your embedded project, @jcasman can send a debugger in the US by postal mail. If you publish the tutorial, you can keep the debugger. If you’re outside of the US and want to write a tutorial, we can send you the link to the debugger to purchase when it becomes available and then reimburse you via paypal after the tutorial is published.

A short intro to building a custom image for the S5D9 is here:

Bug Labs Bootloader Code