S5D9 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit Unboxing



Went to the Renesas HQ today with @jcasman to pick up a batch of S5D9 boards to give out to this community in a sweepstakes. Tested a few of the kits at my house. They work beautifully.

small, powerful kits with beautiful packaging

Brief instruction manual supplements online documentation

dense foam protects the kit

Instructions cover both Data Monitoring (with BugLabs) and Data Intelligence (with Medium One)

Connecting the network and power - watching the LEDs. :slight_smile:

@jcasman proud to be going through the Data Monitoring Tutorial


Working through the tutorial, documenting how to use the S5D9 with a Mac, and building some cool graphs based on sensor data from the board. I gotta say, wow, the S5D9 gets you up and going quickly!

Got a couple these…

…but really it was just some typos and small problems. Cool, easy-to-use IoT device! Posting more info soon.


Please test mounting the board on your desktop Mac and let us know how it goes