S5D9 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit Tutorials



The S5D9 is available from Seeed. Discount coupons for $20 off are available until September 30.

User Manual and Hacking Guide

Data Intelligence Project Tutorials

Cloud-Driven GPIO (Python)

These will help you to program in Python and control the Grove connector pins to send 3.3v to LEDs, motors or other peripherals. These do not cover PWM or external sensors. The cloud GPIO is to slow to handle those types of IO.

Cloud-Driven On-Board LEDs and Sensors (Python)

  • Cloud-Driven LEDs control any sequence of the three on-board LEDs from Data Intelligence workflows written in Python

Synergy (C, C++)

These tutorials will help you to program in C and use the Synergy Software Package (SSP) and e2 Studio, an Eclipse-based IDE.

Binary Image and Factory Image


S5D9 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit Coupons - $20 off!
S5D9 Data Monitoring Getting Started Guide

I have a S5D9 for testing and it came pre-installed with data monitoring, powered by bug labs.


Is this board supported by e2_studio?


yes, it is. Same Synergy Platform. Incredible value.


Schematics and design files for the S5D9 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit now available.


Gerber and Altium files included in the zip file.


Hi Craig, I recently managed to get one of these boards and am looking forward to getting something running on it. I notice though that not all components are fitted. Do you know if there is a kit available containing the extra components and connectors needed to fully populate the board? Thanks, Leon


The board below is exactly the same as the OEM board except for the connectors to the right of the picture.

These are just blank connectors on the OEM board. They were not populated with any sensors or I/O.

You can access some of the GPIO pins of the board with the PMOD (black one at the bottom of the picture) or the Grove connectors to the left of the picture.

This shouldn’t impact your use of the board.


Hi Craig,

Where can I get Jlink lite? Is it possible to order online?



I’m going to send a note to a guy a know at Renesas about the part number for this new debugger they produced. It should be available from Arrow and Digi-Key, but I can’t find it.

Are you in the US?


Thanks for your reply Craig. Currently I am working from India. Was in US till last month and will be back in couple of months.


The ordering part number is YSJLINKLITE

I can’t find it on the distributor sites.

We have some units, but it’s difficult for us to ship it to India. If there’s a US shipping address, we can send it for a small fee.

The debugger from the S4A7 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit also works. Other debuggers may work, but we have not tested it.


Have sent debugger by postal mail. Send me direct message for personal info in the future.

Upper right corner, looks like envelope.

I sent you info on using the debugger by DM


J-Link Lite for Renesas Synergy now listed on Renesas site. I can’t find it in the distributor channel yet. I might be able to get some samples from Renesas for interested people. I can only ship to the US.


Hi Craig,

Just noticed this morning that Seeed Studio has them listed on their [Segger J-Link Lite] (https://www.seeedstudio.com/SEGGER-J-Link®-Lite-for-Renesas-Synergy™-p-3017.html?utm_source=mailchimp&utm_medium=edm&utm_campaign=new_1219) page. It costs a bit more than initially indicated - but hey its out there. (I also noticed they are listing a Synergy Wifi Module which will be a good addition to the ecosystem.)

Here at work in Aus we’ve had a couple for the past few weeks. Our local distributor was able to get some out of Singapore for us. Again the price was a bit higher than initially indicated.

One good thing about these is they don’t appear to carry the same license as the EDU versions of the Segger J-Links, meaning they can be used for actual business purposes as long as its using Synergy parts.

BTW, I received one of the Synergy beer coasters earlier this week. I’m still trying to track down the reference firmware for it. I know its not an IoT board but the MCU packs a fair punch for a 64-pin device. Maybe I can hack an ESP8266 onto it to give it some connectivity.


Thanks for the information and links. I was surprised about the $60 price of the Segger J-Link Lite, which I thought was a bit high. I asked someone I know at Renesas and they indicated that Renesas had to pay a license fee to Segger, so the cost of the debugger is considerably more than the cost of the parts to manufacture the debugger.

Due to international taxes, it’s expensive for me to ship these outside of the US. Renesas donated some of the debuggers for community use, but @jcasman and I haven’t figured out how to get the debuggers in the hands of people like you doing great things in Australia.

Glad that you managed to acquire some of the debuggers from the Australian distributor. Look forward to see what you’re building.