S5D9 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit Coupons - $20 off!



Yes I did thanks.


Robert, sent in DM. Enjoy!



I’ve sent you the coupon through DM. Please let me know if you have not received it.



Can I get the coupon code please?


Thanks for your interest in the S5D9
@jcasman is on vacation today. He’ll be back in the office on Monday. I’ve also sent him an email with your request so that it’s in his email inbox.


@varriola, just sent a DM with the coupon. Please let me know if you haven’t received it. Enjoy!


Could I ask for the S5D9 coupon ? Thank you in advance


Rob, just sent a DM with the coupon, please let me know if it hasn’t gotten through to you. Just curious, any idea what you’re interested in using the S5D9 board for?


Hi, May I have the coupon code for S5D9 purchase? I would like to use it to prototype an IoT device monitoring tool.


@joelin, I just DM’ed you with the coupon. Enjoy!


@jcasman Hi Jesse,

Can I get a coupon code for s5d9 FPK?



Justin, just DM’ed you the code. Let me know if you have any issues using it. Enjoy!