S5D9 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit Coupons - $20 off!



Big news!

We were offering S5D9 coupons ($20 off the $34.95 list price) for pre-ordering. This coupon giveaway was originally part of the June 5 meetup for pre-orders.

We’ve just found out they’ve extended the deadline to Sept 30!

We’ve got more of these coupons if you’re considering purchasing. Just ask, happy to pass them on!

S5D9 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit Tutorials
S5D9 Data Monitoring Getting Started Guide
S5D9 HowTo: Cloud-driven Blinky
S5D9 Anomaly Monitoring Tutorial Walkthrough
S5D9 HowTo: New Binary Install

IS there two type of S5D9 boards ?

In above link which connect to Renesas and board picture looks exact like SKS7G2 but Seed website board picture different.



The link in the post above is incorrect. I changed it to the correct link.


User Manual

On-Board LEDs

The S5D9 board provides 3 on-board LEDs for user-defined functions. They are connected to general purpose output pins through a single resistor. The output active state is 1. When set, it turns the LED on. Table 7.2 describes the mapping between the LEDs and the ports that drive them.



Just a heads up that our sponsor, Renesas, agreed to supply the community with a small number of these great boards for sweepstakes style giveaways. Stay tuned for more opportunities to get the board, in addition to buying it at the awesome discount of $20 off the $35 board.


How do i get the coupon code?


I also want a coupon for the kit.
How do I get the code?


Replied with a DM with the coupons!


I’ve sent yo a PM yesterday but received no reply. Are there any coupons left?


Thanks for double-checking! There are, I will send you a coupon before the end of the day today.


Marek, replied in a private DM. Enjoy!


Hi, I sent a PM a few days ago, any chance of a code?


ok,DM!wait for the coupon!


Could I ask for a S5D9 coupon?


Could I ask for a S5D9 coupon?


How do i get the coupon code?


Send a DM to @jcasman on this system


Did you get the code?


Could I ask for the S5D9 coupon ? Thank you in advance :slight_smile: