S5D9 HowTo: New Binary Install



With the USB cable plugged in, the S5D9 board mounts as a USB Drive, F: on my system.

The drive contains these folders.

The file, loaded.txt contains this


The S5D9 card looks like it can hold 16MB of data and less than 2MB is currently used.

I’m going to try a different binary install.

Once I deleted loaded.txt, the three LED lights on my S5D9 started to strobe.

I’m going to grab a Medium One binary from GitHub.

Put into folder “Put binary here”

The transfer using my USB 3.0 port took 5 minutes. I was surprised by this and will look into plugging it into a different port in the future.

The binary eventually uploaded to the S5D9 board.

Add Filename to update.txt

I used notepad to create a file called, update.txt and I put the name of the .srec file into my new update.txt file.

Test New Binary

I rebooted my board and activated the kit per the S5D9 Diagnostics Intelligence Tutorial.

I received two emails from MediumOne. The second email had this subject line:

At the bottom, it had the m1config.txt file

Using this, I was able to send data from my S5D9 to the Medium One Cloud.

I’m also pulling a bunch of data into a table

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Two days ago, I went to the Seeed site and saw that there were 13 units of the S5D9 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit in stock. Today, I looked again and there are only 8 units available. I’m trying to confirm that there will be another batch coming soon.


Back to 50+ in stock on Seeed. @jcasman also has coupons for $20 off. Please contact him if you want a coupon.


Yep, and the discount coupon time limit was extended to Sept 30! If you’re interested, just ask, happy to provide.