Renesas Synergy Software Package (SSP) 1.30 available



1.3.0 of the Renesas Synergy™ Software Package (SSP) is now available from the Synergy Gallery website. To see what’s new, click here. (sign-in required)

Key New Features in SSP v1.3.0:

  • New Wireless connectivity Application Frameworks for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and Cellular
  • NetX Secure™ providing Transport Layer Security v1.2 protocol for secure connectivity
  • MQTT Client (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) Lightweight IoT protocol for connecting IoT devices to Cloud
  • A powerful, easy to use 2nd Generation Power Profile Application framework (V2)
  • Expansion of the Synergy Microcontroller product range to include the S5D5, S128 and S3A6 MCUs
  • A new DAC 8-bit HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) driver module

Enhancements to Existing Features:

  • Additional Cryptography library functions for hardware-accelerated AES key generation, including AES GCM and AES GCM wrapped keys, and counter mode (CTM) for 3DES (Triple-DES)
  • Bug fixes and ease of use improvements
  • Updates and bug fixes to ThreadX®, FileX, USBX™ and GUIX™ stacks