Renesas Synergy Software Package (SSP) 1.3.2 Available



1.3.2 of the Renesas Synergy™ Software Package (SSP) is now available from the Synergy Gallery website. To see what’s new, go to:

What’s New in the Latest Release (1.3.2)

SSP v1.3.2 is a qualified release for the Synergy platform that includes support for the Synergy S3A3 MCU Group, as well as key enhancements to features and MCU Groups introduced in SSP v1.3.0. SSP 1.3.2 has been integrated, optimized, tested and qualified by Renesas for Synergy developers.

New Features and enhancements in SSP v1.3.2:

  • SSP module support for the S3A3 MCU Group
  • New BSP for Target Board Kit TB-S3A3
  • Enhancement to the cellular framework to support 4G LTE CAT1 Network
  • Additional SSP module support for the new Synergy S3A6 and S5D5 MCU Groups
  • Support for CLUT-8 format in GUIX using either hardware or software rendering
  • Updates and bug fixes to NetX Secure (TLS) stack for secure connectivity
  • Additional hardware-accelerated Cryptography library functions:
  • Key generation using RSA and AES (with CBC, CTR, ECB and XTS chaining modes), including support for wrapped keys
  • Decryption, Signing, and Verification using RSA wrapped keys
  • Framework interfaces for TRNG and crypto hash modules

Also, when you login, it looks like you will be informed that Renesas is implementing Single Sign-On.

Worked easily for me: