Renesas IoT Enabler (ThingSpace) Event - Feb 8 in Santa Clara


At the last Learn IoT Community Jan 2017 event, several people asked about the Feb 8 IoT Enabler event in Santa Clara.

The Learn IoT Community is not involved with managing this event and it’s using a different board and a different IoT cloud platform than was covered in the Jan 2017 meetup. This event is managed by Arrow.

The Renesas IoT Enabler Kit uses the Renesas S7G2 board, not the S3A7 that we used in the Jan 2017 meetup. The S3 and the S7 are similar and are both in the Synergy line. The most important difference is that the workshop is going to be based on Verizon ThingSpace, not the Renesas IoT Sandbox powered by Medium One.

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