ReadWrite Labs 7th Demo Day (Apr 4, San Francisco)



I just signed up for the ReadWrite Labs 7th Demo Day (Apr 04, starting at 5:30pm, San Francisco). Even though it says Demo Day, it’s in the evening only, and is probably high energy, hipster and cool. I want to be all those things, so that’s why I’m going. :wink:

If you’re looking for hands-on IoT, this is probably not it. @craig is attending the 3-day Free Renesas Synergy Santa Clara Training (Mar 29-31) which is will be very high quality. And Medium One continues to produce excellent Renesas IoT Sandbox workshops like this one (“Wireless IoT Workshop: Sensor to Cloud in One Day” just conducted in North Carolina.

But if you are attending, please let me know. I have no inside information whether this is good or not, but I’m excited to spend a night in San Francisco listening to startups and their IoT ideas for wearable biometrics for athletes, smart lighting, energy savings, 3D mapping, and a ton more.


I signed up, but did not receive confirmation that they’re accepting me. It’s premature to say that I’ll be attending. If you recall, there was some problems with me actually being able to attend the last workshop.


Roger that, keep me posted on whether you get in or not. I’m thinking about singing up, too.


Don’t just try to sign up. do it.


I never received information back from the trainers about this, so I’m not planning on attending. Did anyone get a confirmation from the trainers for the 3-day Synergy training?


“The evening brought a full house of over 150 investors, partners, mentors, and members of the IoT community.”

Here’s a video with each of the presentations, in case you weren’t able to attend: