Quick Tutorial: Customizing GUI Event Handler - Summary



What we’re doing

We’re modifying the GUIX Hello World Project and adding a third window onto it with a custom graphic. Access to the new window is enabled by modifying the existing event handler for window2. A new event handler is created for window3 to return to window1.

By doing a very small modification to the sample guiapp_event_handlers.c code, you can create your own windows and events and have fun in the process.

Before you begin

This assumes that you went through the Hello World GUIX tutorial and want to create custom events for custom icons.


  • Create new blank window in GUIX Studio
  • Adjust window properties
  • Output files to e2 Studio
  • In e2 Studio modify event handler to enable movement to and from new window
  • Test new blank window on S7G2
  • Create custom icon using image editor like GIMP
  • Add custom pixelmap to GUIX Studio
  • Adjust properties
  • Output files to e2 Studio
  • In e2 Studio, build and then transfer image to S7G2
  • Plug S7G2 into battery and show kids

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