Quick Tutorial: Building Renesas Synergy Smart Chef Demo from Source



Mike, I think @jcasman is going to post the next meetup information soon. It’s going to be on Monday, June 5th. I believe from 6pm to 9pm at Action Spot Incubator, 99 Wilson Ave San Jose, CA, 95128.

There are two tracks in parallel:

  1. Smart Garage Demo for people that are new to the IoT Sandbox
  2. Basic S3A7 IO using e2 Studio and Synergy

We’re still working on the actual content for the second piece, but it may involve control of the onboard LEDs of the S3A7.

It’s also possible that we may cover some aspects of Cloud-driven GPIO. This tutorial by @Dan covers trigger by physical button, mobile app, and touchscreen. The signal goes out to the cloud, is processed in the cloud, then comes back to the board. The mobile device can be anywhere with Internet connection.


Hi Craig,

Thank you for your great information. These tutorials will be very helpful to save time to learn.

I look forward to it. I have not done the Smart Garage Demo yet. I will check it out.

The GPIO tutorial will be interesting. I have not yet read Dan’s post yet. I have worked on it for two weeks. I thought that the GPIO example’s python code does not look right. So, I re-wrote my python code to handle the button debounce issue and expanded 1 LED to 4 LED on PMOD D ports. I also want to read those 4 GPIO’s in input mode. I have not been successful. I wonder if anyone has tried to perform GPIO read operation.



Mike, I posted the info on the meetup here, hope you can join us: https://www.meetup.com/Learn-IoT-Community/events/240034499/


Hi Jesse,

Great! Thank you for organizing the event. A very nice picture of the past event! I marked that date on my calendar and plan to attend. Look forward to meeting you and others!