Quick links to some AppNotes+Samples of Synergy Examples



Hi guys, how are you? Hope everything is fine.

If any of you has some of the Renesas Synergy devkits, it is interesting to have some guidance so you can use and evaluate the best of this elegant platform.

I did some quick research here, and I found out some Application Notes, plus sample projects for Renesas Synergy ISDE, so you can have a good base to start your IoT Project.

The one I have is the SK-S7G2, which allow a wide range of applications (CAN, BLE, PMOD modules, Touch/Display, Ethernet, etc).

Let’s get started!

  • The Full List of Sample programs for Synergy is at this link.

  • And the full list of documentations for those Sample Programs is at this link.

Obs: For the download you need to be properly registered at Renesas!
*Obs: The images used in some of the examples were taken from the Application Notes inside the .zip files for each sample.

Despite the huge list of examples (as you can see in the hyperlinks above), here are the ones that I highlight:

  • BLE Framework - Application Project - With application note included, it shows how to use the embedded RL78/G1D BLE module in some of the Synergy boards, as of the SK-S7G2 and the PK-S5D9, so you can create a BLE Application using the API/Framework.

  • Getting Started with Cryptography - Application Project - This sample and application note shows how to protect your data using the Secure Crypto Engine, allowing to use AES and also DES to protect your data! - VIP in IoT applications! Plus, it shows how to generate signatures with RSA, random number generation, among other things. Very recomended!

Getting Started with NetX Duo™ Web Server - Application Project - This is another great example. How about embed a web server in your application? So you can access it (preferably) in your intranet, and then show log data, sensor data, and through this web server be capable to exchange data and commands with your station!

CAN HAL Driver Module Guide - Application Project - This is one I as expecting to see! When I received my SK-S7G2, I saw that it has CAN bus connectors. If you don’t know yet, CAN is a widely used bus standard for data exchange in automotive and industrial applications (among others). It is robust and can reach good distances, working as a multi-master/multi-slave broadcast network. If your car is “recent”, it can probably have this bus on it. And… What is good on this AppNote+Project? A lot of things! With CAN you can design your own protocol for data exchange, or you can adapt your product for an existing bus with its protocol, like the one in a car. Think about it: You can develop a car tracker! Add the Cellular framework with this CAN HAL, you can “sniff” in the data of your car and send its data to the cloud :wink: (Be careful about plugging anything in the vehicle!!!)

Console Framework, is an example of an elegant use of the ThreadX, which shows a good example of a menu-driven console command line interface (aka CLI). This is very useful for debug and control scenarios, built-in self-test of the device and device control. This framework can be used together with the USBX CDC, or even with UART or Ethernet connectivity through telnet. In other words, you can develop and access a remote console of your equipment with this feature. Wath I think? Awesome!

With more time I intend to show quick tutorials about those sample projects.

If you have any suggestion, say it! I’d like to hear from you :wink:
Do you have any Suggested sample-project? Tell us about it!