Problems with S3A7 Initial Board Provisioning


met with some cool community members today and heard a lot of amazing ideas to build IoT systems. Power line metering, IoT data trend analysis, small board bluetooth with S1 chip. Lots of creativity and energy wonderful.

People are still having problems getting the board configured to send MQTT data to the Renesas IoT sandbox. Once the board is configured, everyone loves the Renesas IoT Sandbox.

Today, I saw a person copy and paste the API Key into the web-based configuration panel. He copied it from a PDF file and the clipboard on Mac OS, automatically inserted a new line character. He was stuck at this screen:

If you are stuck at the screen above, copy and paste the API and MQTT data again carefully. The board will get stuck at this message when any of the four boxes below has an error.

If the problem is the Internet connection and not the MQTT or API configuration, the board will be stuck at this message:

Problem was resolved within a minute by simply deleting the extra hidden character (appears as a space in the API Key).

Other Common Problems

Windows can’t connect to board when board is the WiFi hotspot

Windows machines using the Intel WiFi chipset have known problems. If you can’t connect to board from Windows with WiFi for initial provisioning, use your mobile phone. iPhone and Android work


If you’re inputting the data in manually, your mobile phone may automatically capitalize the first letter of your string.

iPhone inserts hidden character

I’ve seen the iPhone insert a hidden character in the string. Look for spaces at the beginning, middle and and of the string. Retype the string in manually if you need to.