Prizes - AMS Environmental Sensor


Stoked that our sponsor Renesas contributed 15 AMS Environmental Sensors to If you’d like to apply for a free sensor to get it working with your S7G2 board, please contact @jcasman and explain your project.

Here’s me with one of the sensors in the Renesas office.

I’m holding all 15 sensors in a bubble wrap at the entrance to the Renesas America HQ in Silicon Valley.

Here’s the sensors ready for distribution.

Contact @jcasman to join our quest to get the AMS Sensor working with the S7G2.

The S3A7 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit came with an AMS Sensor and a working Chef demo that uses the sensor. If you have the S3A7, you probably don’t need a new AMS sensor for development.

Already have a sensor and a SK-S7G2? Start Here

There is a 6 part tutorial on using the Renesas AMS Environmental sensor with the SK-S7G2.

The S7G2 was included as part of an IoT Enabler Kit that came with the AMS Sensor. Here’s information on downloading the source code for the projects.

Information on giveaways is provided in the FAQ.

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