Outdoor Air Quality Monitor with S3A7



Hi everyone!

I’ve written a couple tutorials for the S3A7 already, with my main project being a world map with location, air quality, and other data from the board. HowTo: Create an IoT Community World Map with location, air quality, temperature, humidity

Now I’m going to be working on another global project! I’ll be modifying the Smart Chef code to use the S3A7 as an outdoor air quality monitor. Then, people can post their data online and share it with other S3A7 users on IoT Community! Although there are general air quality alerts for regions, distribution and gathering of air quality by “the people” makes it more personal and will hopefully lead to greater involvement from the community.

Here’s the idea for the project:

  • Measure air quality & get location
  • Send data to Medium One
  • Use Medium One workflows to grade air quality
  • If quality is bad, alert user on Medium One app and/or via email
  • Use workflows to send air quality to an external site containing a picture of the user, their name, their air quality data and location, and a call to action/encouragement

Looking forward to getting started on this project. Once it’s all done, I’ll post a tutorial!


Completed tutorial below: