Merging Discussion Area into RenesasRulz


We will be merging this discussion community into RenesasRulz in the IoT Sandbox Forum. With the new single sign-on for the Renesas sites, it’ll be easier to move from a discussion topic to a download link for Renesas software such as e2 Studio and Synergy Software Package.

I’ve already created a number of guides for the new AE-CLOUD1 kit on RenesasRulz. The functionality of the community software is comparable to our current platform.

Check out the new articles and let me know what you think.

Renesas is providing discount coupons to the community for the AE-CLOUD1 kit, the debugger, and the WiFi module that connects to the S5D9. The WiFi module for the S5D9 is currently $49.95.

More information on getting the 50% discount is here.


Hi Craig,

Happy New Year! Given that the community will be merging with RenesasRulz, should we continue posting to this site, or does it make sense to stop for now?




Dan, it’d be great if you could start posting to RenesasRulz. We’re going to be spending more attention there going forward. That will be the main discussion forum for this community.

Happy New Year!


Will do! Will all of the posts from this site be archived there or will this site remain as a static reference for a period of time?



We plan to make the static content available for a while. If at some point, we need to shutdown this site, we’ll try and give many months of advance warning so people can migrate content. There are no plans to shutdown this site.

There are no plans to move all the content from this site to RenesasRulz.

Our main plan right now is to post new content to RenesasRulz.