Learn IoT MeetUp - Apr 19 in San Jose


Great, Ninad. Looking forward to meeting you.


Jesse –

Hope there’s space left. I’d like to sign up for the Wednesday, April 19, 2017 workshop - tomorrow. You should have my info.

I’ll be coming down from F at the Amazon AWS conference at Moscone West (they have a couple IoT sessions - one with partner Intel), so I may be a little late for the 6 pm start.

Alec Dara-Abrams
IoT Consultancy


That’s SF not just F…



For you, there’s always space, we’d love to see you again. :slight_smile: It’ll be loosely structured, we’ll do a short overview lecture, then hands on with boards working through the Smart Garage Tutorial. Traffic can be tough, don’t rush, you can join in with you get there. Will you be bringing your own board? Not required, just I remember you getting one last time.



@jcasman Alec’s title of IoT Consultancy got me thinking of if we can create a list of people familiar with the Renesas IoT Sandbox , boards, or other things related to IoT. Remember that our sponsor Renesas mentioned that they were helping large global companies get into IoT? I think these are large companies with immediately recognizable names that are in industries like finance, food and beverage, other.

There’s a group of large, global companies out there that want to prototype IoT strategies and might want help from IoT consultants.

I think the first step is to create a list of people that we validate in some way. The easiest way to assess knowledge would be to go through a tutorial they wrote or assess the project they built.

We can also ask our sponsor if there is a way to let the Renesas sales engineers know about these independent consultants. Add this topic to the end of the next meeting agenda?

This goes back to my idea about helping people learn IoT by showing how it could help their career. If we can eventually are able to help IoT consultants connect with companies that need IoT design, prototype or implementation, then the value of this community would increase.

If you recall, many years ago, I was involved with a Linux community and that became a hotbed of recruitment, both for high-paying IT and dev jobs as well as for venture-funded startups, including the startup that you and I were at.

This community is also unique in that a IoT system is quite complex with many parts. There’s a barrier to entry for people that don’t have the entire knowledge chain - MCU/periphs -> embedded application -> connectivity to cloud -> cloud analytics -> mobile/email/reports -> control
There’s also issues around security, validation/certification

I think the Renesas platform is good for those pieces because they are coming from an automotive/industrial/medical background. Their approach to their IoT toolchain is highly scalable and designed for mass production.

Two actions to consider: 1) bring up this idea of a pool of IoT consultants with Renesas; 2) ask people at the meetup tonight if they take on consulting work and then get info on their background.

To increase the quality of the list, in the future we’d need to validate skills with the Renesas IoT Sandbox or Synergy

This is early days for this community, but if we constantly make efforts to connect members to the industry, it could be the start of something exciting.


I did registered at MeetUp. Please sign me in for the evening.



We should have enough boards, please come on by! What’s your interest in IoT? Have you worked with Renesas boards before?



I have some experience working with Edison and Dragonboard. Want to learn development with IoT


Running a bit late due to traffic. Hopefully I’ll be there by 6:30.


As a new comer to renasys boards, it would be great to get a comparison of the strengths/capabilities vs others. I’m also curious about the low level stack … the rtos part. Can i run freertos or do O have to use Threads, etc. I’m a newbie in the embedded space so apologize for any silly questions :slight_smile:


Wow, that was an amazing evening. We completely filled the space. So much fun and excitement. IoT is obviously a super hot topic now and we could feel the energy in the room. If you have any questions about the tutorials, post them here. Here’s some shots from the meetup.

Thanks to everyone for showing up and working through the tutorials.

Should we do another one next month? Maybe go through the next step in this flow, which is working on the board with e2 Studio and Synergy Software.


Slides from the meetup, good list of main gotchas when you’re provisioning and just getting started:


That was an exciting meetup! After helping people get through the Smart Garage Monitoring tutorial, I’ve started to feel that we should create a series of YouTube videos to help people continue to advance quickly in their IoT learning when they’re working on the board and Sandbox in their home or office.

What do you think of that idea?


Already working on it! I think there are some things that just are clearer in videos. Moving a mouse around and going through menus and sub-menus to select different actions, for example. That’s easier to see than to explain. Also some of the provisioning and setup (physically working with hardware) is maybe easier just to grasp visually.


I created 3 draft videos that covers each of these steps:

  • board cabling of both sensors and debugger for the S3A7 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit
  • process to upgrade Smart Garage Monitoring firmware on board to newest version
  • board provisioning with the Smart Garage Monitoring project template using WiFi

If someone wants to use the draft videos, just let me know and I’ll email or private message you the link.


Hello Jesse

Just received email about next IoT meet up, looks like its end of May right ?

The email says “probably late March”.



We’re not going back in time! You’re right, it’s May, not “March.” Bah!

PS. Love your new avatar


Also, Mariya, I remember you saying you wanted to lean how to “interface GPIO provided in S7G2 board by connecting external sensors, LED’s etc.” How’s that going? Have you made progress?


Hello Jesse

ITs going well with S7G2 board and my learning. I am new to embedded systems so learning lot of new things.
So far I could read/write access from/to AMS board sensors values and displayed on my own GUIX screen.

My project can get Temperature, Relative humidity, Proximity, and RGB color sensors as well as iAQ-core (indoor air quality). In E2stuio we can only first one i2c device can be added thru configurator. For all other sensors (which use same I2C bus but different slave address) you have write code manually otherwise build error with

multiple definition of `g_vector_info_SCI_0_TEI’.

some of my discussion reference here

I am trying to take all sensors values to Renesas IoT sandbox but trouble with adding GT202 WiFi configuration on PMODA and AMS sensors in PMOD B.

LCD display and PMODA/GT202 interface sharing some of the GPIO and its not working together. I am looking some help to add WiFi access to my project. There are examples for different board or GT202 attached in PMODB port.

I am not sure how to configure GT202 on PMODA without conflicting with LCD display, if any one has done this or know configuration details greatly helpful.

I was thinking about create new project with GUIX and AMS sensor on PMODA and add GT202 in PMODB, but its bit time consuming steps.

I could read(basic understanding, basically I am application software developer, wanted to learn Iot from end to end) S7G2 board user manual and pin configuration and its mapping on E2Studio, still I need to learn many things.

For example what is channel ? How to figure out which channel we should set in configuration what ever device we are going interface ?

Can we change channel from 0 to 1 or 2? The reason is in E2Stduio if you add I2C framework for one device then second device you can add for different channels but not on same channels.

Many examples projects already configured or using pre built library but I wanted to learn how to interface of newer devices or sensors.

If you or craig has any documents or reference to understand about channels on these board please share a it here ?

Thank you


This is a great question. Sorry, but I don’t have the answer. From looking at the Synergy Manual, it looks like section describes SSP Interface Data Structures, including the interface control structure for I2C (page 13 and 14). If I were to take a guess, I would try to use channel 2, as that is the channel that the S3A7 tutorial used for adding the Sensirion temp sensor. I’m hoping that the code cycles through allocated channels. Ideally, if you allocate the sensor to a channel that is already taken, you’ll get a warning. (I have not tried this).

Maybe the contact form from Renesas can help?

Good luck.