Learn IoT MeetUp - Apr 19 in San Jose



We were just having a discussion about possibly doing a meetup in the East Coast. We had identified Boston as a first target. (Don’t hold it against me!) You think there’s a good amount of interest in New York? Is the venue you’re referring to at Manhattan College, or somewhere else? How many people do you think would show up for an evening event like the one we’re doing (short lecture, self-paced hands-on tutorial with boards provided)? In January, we did one at Renesas with 24 people in the room, which was more than we were aiming for really.




Yes at Manhattan College. I have the ability to reserve rooms, halls or auditoriums in advance. To give you an idea, there was a 2 day Arduino Workshop a few weeks ago, about 40 people attended, 10+ got turned away because of no room. I was one of them.We can identify attendees before you get here. I can also put you in touch with the professors that teach embedded systems. One of the embedded professors that I know personally, was the one that gave me my first Renesas board, and told me to learn it. I’m at the end of my sophomore year, so I don’t get to start embedded systems until next fall. I definitely know my classmates would love an IOT workshop.




I’m pretty interested in talking more details with you. I’ll email with more questions, but just curious, what dates do you think would be good? Would the week of June 26 or the week of July 10 be possible? Do things slow down considerably in the summer? At the Arduino Workshop was it a lot of students, or professional people as well? (I’m thinking summer semester students might be on campus, but professional people would be starting summer vacation schedules.)



Actually, the school is pretty empty in the summer. The majority of the students don’t go to summer. Financial aid doesn’t cover summer sessions. I would say only 10% of students attend the summer session. The academic year ends May 13th and begins Aug 28th. Anything in between those dates would probably be a poor student turn out.

As far as the workshop…it was mainly geared for students, just because it was only advertised in school.


Yea, was pretty sure that would be the case. Running any kind of meetup in the summer just has lower attendance in my experience. Unfortunately, I’m not sure it’s realistic to do in within the next month. That’s a pretty short runway to prepare and pull everything together. (Happy to discuss this if you feel otherwise.) Would the fall be possible? Think you’d still be enthusiastic then?


Yes, lets aim for the fall. Give me a date when you are available about 6-8 weeks out. This way I can reserve a room and equipment. You let me know how many people you can support and target audience. The 6 - 8 weeks would give me enough time to get the word out and make any other accommodations. Looking forward to it, I don’t think I’ll be losing enthusiasm anytime this decade. lol

Robinson Paniagua


Fall seems more realistic. The other issue with trying to jam something into May is that the students are probably studying for final exams or finishing up papers, probably from about next week.


Yes, Definitely. Finals week is the 2nd week of May, then students scatter. The fall would definitely be ideal. I can definitely host any training that you will want to provide. As audience, we can have students and/or anyone else not part of the college depending on your numbers. Just give me enough lead time to reserve if you want to use the College Facilities. Looking forward to it.



I think Kaylee is going to attend the meetup. She’s the author of these tutorials:

It’s a great opportunity to ask her questions about the techniques.

Also, I went through the Smart Garage tutorial with Jesse today and we think that people would benefit from reading the Hello Cloud Lab With Renesas IoT Sandbox and Synergy S3A7 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit tutorial first.

We’re trying to fast-track people through the tutorials and are skipping the Smart Chef Demo. Our idea is that we can help people go through the board provisioning onsite.



Looking forward to Wednesday evening.



@jcasman that’s a different Craig. That’s not me. He’s got a great name, so he’s probably awesome.


I heard that @Dan might make it to the meetup. Dan is the author of these tutorials:

If people have interest, we can break off into another side group to build the source code with e2 Studio and Synergy.

Just so people are aware, there are several components to an IoT project. The meetup will focus on the Renesas IoT Sandbox. Within that space, we anticipate that a chunk of time will be focused on getting the S3A7 board connected to the Sandbox. Once the board is connected to the sandbox, it will automatically start sending sensor data to the Sandbox. In the diagram below, we are only focusing on the first box. However, we have people that are familiar with all the components, so if people want to try box 2 and hack the board, we can break out into a separate group. If there is interest in box 2, let us know ahead of time so we can organize a sub-group with basic code compilation and modification using SSP and e2 Studio. We would only cover something like onboard LED control of the S3A7 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit. if you haven’t gone through the Renesas IoT Sandbox tutorial yet, that’s your best bet.


@Craig7 (Craig Moore, not Craig Oda)

Thanks for the message here, got your email from late last night, too. Sorry to hear about the Mac OS incompatibilities. Did you ever get involved in the Renesas beta program?

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night!



Hi think I was sitting next to Craig Moore at the last meetup. I think we were discussing SLAC. I sent Raj an email about getting the Mac OS version, but it was close to the time when Raj was transferring groups. Might be better to use e2 Studio and SSP in a VM and run Windows 7. That way, you can control the environment. VirtualBox?

BTW, Windows 10 64 bit also works now, but I’ve been using Windows 7 as my main system for testing


Hi … if there is space, I’d be interested to attend. I have a lot of hands on experience with raspberry pi, arduino, FPGAs, etc. Also, lots of software experience. Never used a renesys board. Are there two levels for the workshop? Would be interested in learning about debugging, production grade, etc.




Thanks for the message. We’ve got space and enough boards for you. It might be cool to get a taste of the Renesas S3A7 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit for you. It’s a different animal than Raspberry Pi / Arduino. Probably fun to get your hands on. Consider yourself on the list!



I would like to attend this event.

Ninad Ghodke
Organization woluxi


Hi Ninad,

Thanks for the message. Do you mind me asking what you do a Woluxi?

You’re on the list for tomorrow night, looking forward to seeing you there!



Are you interested in a presentation-style overview of Synergy like this:

Or, do you want to dive in and open their IDE e2 Studio and libraries/templates SSP?

The meetup is currently structured as a dive-in and start getting sensor data up to the Renesas IoT Sandbox. There’s very limited presentation as we wanted to give people maximum time with hands-on exercises.

I think most people feel that the tools are excellent, but a bit hard to understand techniques to deal with library versions. The overall platform and ecosystem is high quality, really geared for professionals.

You can download e2 Studio and SSP at the link below.


Let me know if you’re looking for presentation-type information or if you’re looking for hands-on source compilation. The current flow of the meetup will focus on the Renesas IoT Sandbox piece, which is the cloud management and analytics of the IoT data along with mobile, email, and third-party service (like Salesforce) integration.


I am the founder at Woluxi, At woluxi we are working on diagnostics and wifi provisioning for headless devices.