Learn IoT MeetUp - Apr 19 in San Jose


Hands On Training

Come join us for an evening working with the Renesas S3A7 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit. Boards are provided or you can bring your own. We will be using the Smart Garage Monitoring Tutorial to help learn.

In order to provide more hands-on time with the boards, we are structuring this as a more informal session, with a short initial introduction to the main tutorial that we’re working with, and then diving in with the tutorial, going at your own pace.

Please bring your own laptop.

You get the chance to work on your board, ask questions, and make progress right there.

Pizza and sodas are available for free! :pizza:

Date and Location

Date: Wednesday, April 19, from 6pm to 9pm
Location: Action Spot Incubator, 99 Wilson Ave San Jose, CA, 95128
Parking: Free after 6pm, map of good spots nearby

Free and Discounted IoT Hardware

We’ll be doing a giveaway at the meetup for 2 Renesas S3A7 IoT Fast Prototyping Kits. You must be present at the meetup to win.

So, there are multiple ways to get free stuff to help facilitate your IoT learning:

First, free usage. Come to the meetup, and you’ll be able to use a Renesas S3A7 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit for free the whole evening, no obligation.

Second, giveway. At the end of the evening, we’ll give away 2 free Renesas S3A7 IoT Fast Prototyping Kits. Must be present to win.

Third, not free but big discount. If you want to get a board, you can buy one using PayPal for a major discount before the end of the meetup. $50 instead of the list price of $154.

And fourth, “I want to write!” Convince us that you’re interested in writing for the Learn IoT Community site, and we can arrange a loaner kit.

How to Reserve Your Spot

Sign up by putting your information below (replying to this post). Please include name, email and company or organization. Organization can be independent consultant, name of school, or unnamed stealth startup.

If you prefer not to have your contact information shown publicly, you can also send a direct message to @jcasman or send email to jcasman@oppkey.com.

Get experience with

  • How to flash programs to the Renesas S3A7 board
  • Connect and configure a vibration sensor
  • Send sensor data to the Renesas IoT Sandbox platform
  • Set up customized workflow to process data and set up actions
  • Set up two way communication from both mobile phones and web-based applications
  • How to continue your education for free with community-based tutorials and online discussion

Free access to awesome professional-grade technology:

Target Audience

  • Professional or experienced embedded developer who is new to IoT.
    • No experience needed with Python, REST API communication, or mobile app development
    • We will provide an overview of free tools and sample code that already works for you to customize


  • Programming experience. Knowledge of Python or C useful but not required.
  • Basic understanding of how data is transmitted over public Internet
  • Basic understanding of common data formats such as JSON is useful

More Learning Opportunities

  • Free online tutorials to connect the Renesas AMS sensor to the SK-S7G2 or DK-S7G2. (If you already have one of these boards)
  • Possibility of a free AMS sensor if you already own a S7G2 board and are willing to share your project plans with the community
  • Possibility of a loaner S3A7 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit if you’re willing to write up your project build guide and share it with the community

Prepare for MeetUp in Advance

  • Register for Renesas IoT Sandbox

  • You’ll get 3 confirmation emails. The email with the subject “Your S3A7 kit is activated!” has credentials for both the board and related a mobile app. Please be able to reference this email.

  • Install SEGGER J-Link on your laptop prior to the meeting (Download)

    • If you already have an S3A7, you can practice flashing the board with this tutorial on flashing S3A7 (board used at meetup)
    • Binary for Smart Garage tutorial used in meetup is on GitHub here. You are using the same binary as the Smart Chef Demo.
  • Install IoT monitoring app on your mobile phone (Download)

The preparation above is suggested, but not required. You’ll have an easier time with the workshop if you have an understanding of the components. You’ll also be able to build projects faster after the meetup.

Reference Information
The workshop will cover the Smart Garage Monitoring Tutorial.

Learning Flow

The Learn IoT community site provides a clear “Learning Flow” for the Renesas boards. If you have one of the Renesas boards and have time before the meetup, following these steps should be extremely helpful.


@jcasman Did you decide on the venue for the April 19th meetup in Santa Clara?

here’s the pictures of the place we looked at in Santa Clara yesterday.


Sure did! Action Spot Incubator, 99 Wilson Ave, San Jose, 95125, right next to the main CalTrain station. I’ve updated the description above, but… there’s several good places right nearby, free parking after 6pm… should be pretty comfortable access!


Hi I’d like to attend, Andy Moorwood @Ericsson


Hey Andy, OK, all set, you’re on the list! We have your contact info from last time, so you’re all set. Looking forward to seeing you again.

By the way, if I remember correctly, you had put some real time looking into the board, and interacted with @craig after the meetup about details. So it may be too basic, but we worked up a more clear “learning flow” for the board. My First Tutorial - UPDATED (Scroll down to get to the S3A7 section)



Would like to attend: Kaamel Kermaani



Fantastic, you’re all signed up, looking forward to meeting you. If you have any questions ahead of time, don’t hesitate to ask.



Hi, I’m interested. Please sign me up.

  • Praneeth Yerrapragada



Thanks for your message. You’re on the RSVP list. Looking forward to meeting you next week.

Have you worked with Renesas boards before?



No, I haven’t. I got my hands on an Intel Galileo Gen 2 board before. I’m still a beginner though.


That’s perfect. I think you can get a lot out of the meetup. It’ll be a short introduction, and then there’s a tutorial, step-by-step, nice and clear, that you can work through on your own pace. And there will be multiple people that that are familiar with the board and the tutorial and can answer questions. We’re considering doing a giveaway of a board, too, so keep your eyes peeled. That might be part of the evening. :slight_smile:


that’s awesome! I look forward to it.


This meetup will be great for you. The Renesas Synergy boards are geared more for professional developers that want a path toward large scale IoT production of their product. To make it easier to get an introduction, we’ve separated the learning into different task groups. This first task group focuses on using a binary on the IoT board that is pre-installed. You can use this binary as a type of OS on the board to communicate with the Renesas IoT cloud and send sensor data to the cloud. There is also a pre-built mobile app to communicate with the board and cloud.

The IDE for the Renesas IoT Sandbox is also set up with pre-built workflows that allow you to drag and drop elements like sensor IO into the flow.

In my case, I used the binary in the demo to monitor the feeding schedule of my office fishtank and set up custom mobile push alerts to my Android phone along with email alerts.

Android push alerts with basic configuration editing (simple text string edits).

This is an an actual HTML email that was sent by the sandbox, but the data graph is a mockup. I didn’t finish the section to auto-gen the thermometer.

Here’s the board monitoring Brian Baxter’s refridgerator.


Hello Jesse,

Please sign me up for the April 19, event. Thanks for arranging this.

Ashok Kulkarni



Absolutely, you’re on the list! Looking forward to seeing you next week.




I would like to attend the Apr 19 meeting. My name is Raul Ramirez.




Fantastic, I see you’re new to the Learn IoT community site, welcome, nice to meet you. Any experience with Renesas boards? Where did you hear about the meetup?

You’re on the list, looking forward to saying hello directly next week.



Thanks Jesse. Yes, trying to learn more about IoT in general, so no experience with Renesas boards.


Understood. There’ll be a shorter overview intro and then you’ll have the board in front of you and a tutorial to work through at your pace and the opportunity to ask questions. Should be a pretty good setup for getting a good first taste.


Do you know if there’s ever going to be IOT Meetup’s in the east coast, conventions or seminars? Everywhere I look, seems like IOT environment has not arrived in the east coast yet. lol Mostly all events are in the west coast. If anyone wants to ever have a IOT meetup or seminar in the New York area, I can provide resources such as auditorium, AV equipment…etc

Robinson Paniagua