IT Capstone Project


Guys? Can you help me any concept or a certain problem that will be fix by using IoT? because im trying to find any concepts but I will always lead to an existing ones


IMO, the differences are:

  • low cost of each device collecting data and connecting to cloud
  • low power requirements
  • low cost of data transmission
  • cloud-based tools allow remote update of applications on IoT devices at scale (thousands of devices)

I think it’s a matter of low cost, both for device and for labor, enabling new uses that weren’t feasible before (due to cost, not technology limitations)

Remote Monitoring


  • building air
  • industrial machines
  • pipes transferring liquid or slurry

Other sensors

  • light, intensity and color
  • vibration
  • air quality

Data Logging

  • personal wearable
  • automobile or drone
  • agriculture

Connect to Other Systems

  • CRM like Salesforce
  • Social media
  • irrigation system