Internet of Things World - May 16-18 in Santa Clara


May 16 – 18, 2017
Santa Clara Convention Center

No connection to this show and no inside information. But it’s located in Santa Clara and the “deep dive” tracks look quick interesting, so I’m posting.

GPIO Tutorial. Modified WorkFlow and Python Code (4 LED)

:secret: Just a quick extra comment on this show. We hear Renesas will be announcing exciting new additions to the Renesas IoT Sandbox at IoT World this year. Be sure to stop by their booth to check them out.


Renesas in Booth #725
Giving out Amazon Echo Dot at booth.

You think they’ll let me apply to win it?


My guess is no. :slight_smile: Do you know what Renesas is demoing?


I don’t know, but I got this in email.

Visit Renesas at IoT World 2017, and see first-hand how easy it is to create IoT prototypes in minutes using Renesas IoT Sandbox. Check out the remote sensor monitoring and remote diagnostic intelligence demos.

Renesas IoT Sandbox
Prototyping for IoT has never been easier. Renesas IoT Sandbox brings together all of the technologies that you need to build your own IoT prototypes — free of charge.

Start creating prototypes in no time with Renesas IoT Sandbox. You get:

  • All the embedded software
  • Cloud functionality
  • Mobile apps
  • Tutorials
  • Easy-to-onboard kits
  • Connect sensor data to the cloud for visualization
  • Extract intelligence from data using application logic you completely control

To learn more about Renesas IoT Sandbox, please visit


Lots of goodies here, looking forward to it. We’re still set for meeting at your place and going over late in the day on Tues (May 16) when the expo hall first opens up, right?


yes. Let’s go on Tuesday. I haven’t heard anything else concrete about prizes at the booth. Though, there are rumors. I guess we just go down there and see for ourselves what they’re giving away and what they’re demoing. It’s clear that the Renesas IoT Sandbox will be on display.