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Looking to add skills around IoT? Want to make money with skills you already have? Contributing tutorials to the Learn IoT Community is a great place to do both.

We focus on Renesas, the world’s largest maker of microcontrollers and second largest maker of application processors. The information included here is focused on two main Renesas Starter Kits: the Synergy SK-S7G2 Starter Kit and the Synergy S3A7 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit.

Previously $80,000, the Synergy toolchain is a professional-grade development platform that is now freely available. This is the dev platform that can take your career or your project as high as you want. There are no limits.

Getting Started

  1. Complete the free registration for our site. Only requires name and email.

What If I Don’t Have a Starter Kit?

Contact us. You can DM @jcasman or email We can arrange for a loaner kit to be sent to you for free.

How Much Can I Make?

$500 each time you post a completed tutorial.

Here’s how you get there:

  1. Post your idea for your project.
  2. We’ll look at your idea and discuss your timeline with you.
  3. Write up what you build, including screenshots and helpful hints. Once it’s posted, we’ll pay you $500.
  4. We welcome multiple submissions, so you can continue writing and making more money.

Sometimes Ideas Are Hard, We Can Help

We can help you with ideas and guidance. But if you’re wanting to be creative or stick with your interests/strengths, that’s great.

In case you’re looking around for ideas, here are some starting points:

  1. We’ve developed a clear “learning flow” based on feedback from the community using the boards and tutorials. Following in order should significantly speed up your efforts and avoid some common pitfalls: My First Tutorial
  • Adapt Smart Wine Lab, RemoteSongPlayer Lab, or FunWithSensors Labs for Renesas IoT Sandbox
  • Add additional sensors such as pressure, pH, electrical power
  • Use lightning sensor on AMS sensor board to help protect electrical generators
  • Use Lightning sensor in conjunction with location information to warn about nearby thunderstorms close to communication towers


To receive payment, project must be approved in advance of writing, use the Renesas IoT Sandbox, and have the potential to be scalable in an IoT system.

Free Video Tutorials

How/where do we get our projects approved before beginning to write everything up ?




Thanks for asking! If you could post your idea in the Discussion section, we’ll have a chance to review and discuss with you. If you’re less clear on what you have in mind, or if you just don’t want to post publicly, happy to discuss through DMs or email. You can email me at I’m interested in hearing about your background and interests, too.

What do you have in mind? :slight_smile:



I am still working through the demos to learn as much as I can in teh short time left. Once I have completed this I will pitch my idea.

I do have another question though,


Synergy Starter Kit SK-S7G2
USB Cable (to power the board)
AMS Module
Ethernet access with DHCP
Renesas e2 studio software Version:
SSP_Distribution_1.1.3 application
ConnectedWeatherPanel-SKS7-20161103 zip file
m1 Synergy Cloud Drive Library zip file – download


Understanding of Renesas e2 studio
Understanding of Synergy Starter Kit: SK-S7G2 with Connected Weather Demo – Quick start guide
Activation of your SK-S7G2 Template Project in Renesas IoT Sandbox

Where do I find the:

  • ConnectedWeatherPanel-SKS7-20161103 zip file
  • Understanding of Synergy Starter Kit: SK-S7G2 with Connected Weather Demo – Quick start guide
  • Activation of your SK-S7G2 Template Project in Renesas IoT Sandbox

I’ve gone through the Renesas book (all 100+ pages) looked on their site (briefly) but still looking for this information. Any help would be very appreciated.



Thank you for your help. We really need help. :slight_smile:


Are you hiring :stuck_out_tongue:



The is an independent community. We receive limited sponsorship from Renesas, similar to how a company might sponsor a news site.

At the current time, we have reserved a small amount of budget as a thank you for people writing tutorials. We have not allocated a budget to go through a key tutorial like the SK-S7G2 With AMS Sensor and Connected Weather Demo and take concepts from there to build introductory mini-tutorials.

We need to plan out what we need first. After that, we will probably have budget for project work, not as a full-time staff.

I’m also thinking that it might be easier to go through the Weather Panel Application first, not the “Connected Weather Demo”.

The code for the Getting Started with the Weather Panel Application is here.

What happened is that there was an original Weather Panel Application. This was used as the basis of the Connected Weather Panel Application. That was then modified into the AMS Sensor and Connected Weather Demo.

Taking a step back, it might be better to learn e2 Studio and Synergy with the Weather Panel Application.

I’m going to ask some of my contacts from Renesas for advice. Please keep in touch with @jcasman as some opportunities might come up in the future.