FREE June 27 webinar


Just got this in my inbox this morning, forwarding as-is. From Renesas’ DevCon Online: On-demand Courses and Live Webinars. Click on the image to link to all the links. :slight_smile:


Hello Jesse

Another one is close by June 22. This event is might be advanced to some member/users.

I enrolled for this but no confirmation from Renesas. IS any one registered or way to find more details ?



This is great, thanks for posting. I see it’s an all-day event at the Renesas offices in Santa Clara, not an online webinar. Looks really good. And advanced, like you say. And local. Here’s the live link:

In the past, I know @craig has had trouble getting a response, too. I don’t have a good suggestion for you. At the bottom of the page is their social media channels. Maybe try tweeting at them? Sorry I don’t have something better than that.


I checked thru Tech support team (one of them) usually respond to my technical questions and they said I am the list for that events. Hope soon I will get email confirmation and event details for Jun 22.

Thanks again


Hey, that’s great. I was pretty sure that’s what happened. I think it was similar with Craig, no response but he was on the list and got in just fine.



How did the June 22 Connectivity with Synergy event go?



Hello Jesse

It was good event. They explained about SSP platforms and its framework. For first timer this event must be good one. They had 2 lab works connect to Dweet cloud. Also there was demo with S5D9 measure fan vibration and cloud monitoring (one already posted by Carig) .

They said one more event they are planning to host on Cloud side(possible M1 or any others) as this events related with SSP side.

There was printed book (one Carig forwarded to me as PDF) “BASIS of the RENESAS SYNERGY PLATFOM” which was given only few people who answered some the questions. Good book for new comers to this platforms.



That sounds great, Mariya. I’ve seen the S5D9 fan vibration demo. (Actually, almost forgot, I posted a short video of it.) I like how the code took average readings first and then set max and min settings based on that in order to set alarms/notifications.

I just looked at the list of upcoming events. It doesn’t look like the next event you mention is posted yet. Do you have any more info on it?


Yes that’s demo they had with few other high end products (large display weather panel using one of board).

Related with events, they told they will post after finalize everything (also mentioned that to create and setup events like this take lot of resource and time to plan) . I think we might need to keep watch their events calendar.