Download and Use Free Icons, Sounds, Image and Sound Editors


Both the S7G2 and the S3A7 come with a great LCD touchscreen for you to prototype your projects. There’s a great discussion on starting with GUIX “Hello World” and GUIX Studio to make your own interface.

I built a list of free resources in case you’re new to GUI development and are wondering how to get free pre-built icons, editors, and sounds. You’re responsible for researching the licenses for your own production projects. Many resources are available under a license that allows free distribution. Some licenses are free with attribution.

The demo Hello World GUIX used graphics in JPEG format. If you download the graphics in another format or want to resize the graphic, Microsoft Paint can do a decent job. Personally I use GIMP (free) and Photoshop (commercial) to take advantage of additional features. If the graphic is in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), you can use Inkscape to edit the graphic.

I’ve also included resources to download free sound effects for projects that use sounds such as an audio cue when pressing a button or a beep when data reaches a trigger.

Font-Based Free Icons

Free Images and Icons

Free Sounds

Free Image Editor (bitmap)

Free Vector Graphics Editor

Free sound Editor

Quick Technique: Using GIMP with Font Awesome

The fonts are designed for web and mobile devices. You can also use them in your Synergy IoT projects by defining the font and character using this convention fa fa-hand-o-right

To keep the example simple, we’ll just use a screen grab using GIMP.

On web site go to icons. Select icon you want to use.

Grab the screen for this test.

Crop and convert to a 128x128 pixel JPEG.

Replace existing icon in GUIX for a fast test.

Save and generate output files.

Open e2 Studio and Build. Then, transfer binary to board.

This is a quick way to hack out your interface with professional-looking icons in 15 minutes. There are other ways to get the icons into your application, including using the icons as fonts, as they were intended. This method is quick and requires no knowledge of fonts.

By spending another 5 minutes, I was able to insert an icon that is commonly used in cooling systems to represent very cold.


That looks great. I have also designed a 15 page navigation tree on the LCD. I am trying to make a page where a password is entered, if password is true, then it goes to the next page. If false then, access denied. Any ideas on how to implement this? Thanks for the tips!!


I don’t know how to do this yet, but I will look into it. Thanks for asking the question.