Develop Your Own Image Tutorial is incorrect for SPP 1.3.3/e2 5.4.0



I have recently purchased (with the past two weeks) the S5D9 IoT Fast Prototyping Kit and am trying to run through the tutorial “Develop Your Own Image” and am running into an issue. In the instructions for this tutorial it says that I need to download and install the " S5D9 IoT Fast Protyping Kit Board Support Package (BSP)", which I have done, but the problem is the link is for SPP version 1.2.0 and the latest version of the e2 is version 5.4.0 while the latest version of the SPP is 1.3.3.

This version issue makes it so the configuration of your project section of the tutorial will not allow you to select the S5D9_IOT_ENABLER (which when extracted has the file name: Renesas.S5D9_IOT_BOARD.1.2.0.pack); however, if I simply change the 1.2.0 portion of the file name to a range supported by the SPP 1.3.3 (such as 1.3.3) then the board selection for the S5D9_IOT_ENABLER is available.

This makes me wonder if just changing the version number of the pack is the correct thing to do or do I either need to downgrade my SPP version (possibly just install an older version along side the 1.3.3) or find a newer version of the BSP (if there even is one).


– Michael –


Hi Michael,

I am Michael too. I could not identify the tutorial. Can you help me find the tutorial? Then I am happy to help you.

For example, there is a blinky tutorial for S5D9 board. I just successfully created a project using SSP 1.2.0 and e2 studio I am able to change the image file and the blink green led.

Below is a simple loop example code (hal_entry.c) to blink the green LED on the board.

#include "hal_data.h"
void hal_entry(void)
uint32_t i; // loop index
bool isOn = true; // toggle led bit

while(1) {
    /* delay */
    for (i=0; i<3000000; i++);

    isOn = !isOn;  // toggle





Here is the bootloader lab source directory (taken from the source archive S5D9_IOT, located in one of these forum posts I just dont remember which).

Boot Loader (3.7 MB)
S5 LCM Bootloader RFP (279.6 KB)


Hi Michael,

I studied the configuration XML file. The project was done with SSP 1.3.0 (not 1.2.1 as stated in the requirement for the lab manual). I believe that is a typo because I also see 1.3.0 in the lab title (page 1) and procedure (page 8). It is confusing when I first look at it.

I highly recommend to stay with SSP 1.3.0 and E2 Studio exactly as Renesas did for this project. So, there will be no surprise. SSP 1.3.0 can be downloaded from the archive release tab on Renesas Synergy Gallery.

I import the source file successfully and compile the project cleanly. Only 3 minor warnings appear and they can be ignored. It is not SSP 1.2.1. Your finding is correct. Stay with SSP 1.3.0. I think that everything will be fine.

Here is the snap shot. Hope that my reply is helpful to you.