Arduino motor shield on SKS7G2


Hello to all

I had Arduino UNO board and motor shield to control 4 DC motors and 2 Servo motors. I could control 4 DC motors and servo using this shield and Arduino code but I am shot on I/O ports to connect Ultrasonic sensors and other sensors down the line.

As know SKS7G2 board comes with lots of IO and Arduino shield interface. I wanted to connect this motor shield on SKS7G2 board and then control motors and servo using SSP.

But need to know how to generate PWM on any of the Arduino connected Digial I/O pins.

Is any one has sample project to generate PWM using GPT ?

I have shied board PCB design attached here.

is Any one willing to join this discussion, give ideas to rewrite Arduino sketch into SSP/RTOS ?

Motor shield PCB: